Steam Workshop

After the great summer of 2013 we brought CAP to the Workshop, after a couple months we then also decided to bring the Resources to the workshop and everything can now be found in one Workshop collection! This workshop collection contains cap and cap_resources and when subscribed to the collection you’ll have automatic updates so you don’t need to worry about anything!

Steam Workshop Collection:

The only problem with the workshop is that the GMA workshop file type doesn’t function with custom fonts, so you’ll have to download this very small zip with the fonts and install them manually:


Github Mirror:

To install this, simply unzip the content by extracting the content with windows explorer or by pressing extract here with winrar, make sure you do not press extract to cap_fonts as that will create a folder within a folder! So double check that inside the folder there is an addon.txt and a resource file present.

After it has been properly extracted place the cap_fonts folder inside “Steam\steamapps\COMMON\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons”
After this you’re good to go and have CAP fully Installed!

If you downloaded the zip file from Github then make sure to rename the folder to cap_fonts!


In the summer of 2013 we brought CAP to Github. Therefore you can clone the repository with the Native Application from Github or by Shell commands, an alternative is to download the whole pack in zip format. With the update we split the addon in two repositories with one for all the code and one with all the resources.

As you’ll notice this way is only optional if you do NOT want to make use of the Workshop Subscribing system. Cap_resources can still be contained separately if you’d prefer to download and update the resources via Github but do want to keep subscribed to the code part of CAP.

CAP ( – 3.62MB


CAP_Resources ( - 1.91GB


After downloading the files you will have to put them in your Garry’s Mod Addons folder located in: “Steam\steamapps\COMMON\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons”

Make sure both folders are exactly named cap and cap_resources to avoid installation errors in-game.

Sidenote: You can change the Github Download location by changing this in the options from the Github application. Here you can change the destination path to the Garry’s Mod Addon folder to make future updating easier.

SVN Client

There does also exists a possibility to checkout the Github Repository with a SVN Client, the only thing you really have to use are the following checkout addresses:


You’ll notice that the links can’t be opened in your browser, this is normal as they only work as a checkout link!

To download this you will require a SVN Client like SVNTurtoise.
After installing go to your addons folder located in “Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons”
First make two folders in the addons folder one called cap and the other cap_resources
Then right click inside one of the folders and click on SVN Checkout where you fill in the svn checkout link accompanied with the folder posted above.


For both installations you require Wiremod, this addon ensures that CAP will work correctly, you can find it on:



To make use of the energy systems like the Zero Point Module (ZPM), you require Spacebuild, this can be found on their Github Repository.

Spacebuild Enhancement Pack:


- This addon NO LONGER REQUIRES Avons Stargate Pack.
- The Group System Addon IS MERGED WITH CAP therefore it is NOT REQUIRED.
- If you do install either of the above mentioned addons IT WILL CAUSE ERRORS AND BREAKS IN CARTERSPACK.

Multinational Languages

Support and description is available in different languages in the forum located here: multi-language-support